Tech Note: Script Error / Xtra Not Found Error

Products: PrintOMatic Lite MX, PrintOMatic Lite Xtra 1.6.5, PrintOMatic MX, PrintOMatic Xtra 1.6.5
Platforms: all

Symptom: When trying to use/register the Xtra, Director displays an "Xtra Not Found Error". This may also appear as a generic "Script Error".

Is the Xtra Installed?

Have you properly placed the Xtra file in Directorís Xtras folder? At AUTHORING time, all the Xtras you use need to be located in the Xtras folder, which is in the same folder as the Director. In PROJECTORS, the location is different: read on.

Have you created an XTRAS folder for your PROJECTOR?

Each projector you create needs ITS OWN XTRAS FOLDER. Projectors do not "share" Xtras with the Director application. Whenever you create a projector, you need to create an Xtras folder in the same folder as the projector, and place copies of all your third-party Xtras in this folder.

Or, did you include the Xtra in your projector file?

An alternative to creating an Xtras folder for your projector is to select the Xtra file(s) you are using in the file list when you build your projector. Simply locate the Xtra files you are using, and add them right along with your .DIR and .CST files when you build your projector.

Are you using the correct Xtra file for your platform?

Macintosh and Windows Xtra files CANNOT be inter-changed across platforms. Each platform requires a completely different Xtra file.

Windows Xtra files end with a ".X32" extension. These files will NOT work on a Macintosh.

Macintosh Xtra files generally donít have extensions. They have an "X" shaped icon, and if you do a "Get Info" in the Finder on these files, they will be described as Director documents. These Xtra files CANNOT be used on Windows platforms.

Is the right PrintOMatic Xtra installed?

The PrintOMatic Xtra comes in Lite and Full versions. These versions are NOT interchangeable. If you have a serial number for the Lite version, make sure you have the Lite version installed. The file name is "PMLITE.X32" on Windows, and "PrintOMatic Lite Xtra" on the Macintosh.

If you have a serial number for the full version, make suree you have the full version installed. The file name is "PMATIC.X32" on Windows, and "PrintOMatic Xtra" on the Macintosh.