Technical Note: Finding a Lost Serial Number

Updated: 3/15/04
Products: Table Xtra 1.0, PrintOMatic MX Xtra, PrintOMatic Xtra 1.6.5, PrintOMatic Lite Xtra 1.6.5, PrintOMatic Lite MX Xtra
Platforms: all

Lost your serial number for an Electronic Ink Xtra? Here's how to find it again:

  1. Open up an old Director project that used a registered version of the Xtra.
  2. Open the Script window (ctrl-0).
  3. Do a "find" (ctrl-f) across "All Casts", looking for the word "register". You will hopefully find a line of Lingo that looks like this:

    register Xtra "(xtra name)", "(serial number)"

This will tell you which Xtra you have registered, and what your serial number is. The Xtra name will be one of the following:

If all else fails, send us an email. Be sure to include as much information as possible: company name(s) the software might be registered under, the name of the person who registered, your city, state, zip, an original order number, etc.

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