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PrintOMatic Shockwave Demo

Below is a version of the PrintOMatic Xtra Demo Movie compiled as a Shockwave movie. The following steps will occur when displaying this movie:
  1. If you don't have the Shockwave 8.5 plugin installed in your browser, the Shockwave 8.5 plugin must be installed. Please follow these steps:
    • If you are using Internet Explorer, the plugin will be downloaded and installed without quitting your browser. Simply follow the steps presented to you on-screen by the Shockwave Installation Wizard.
    • If you are using a Netscape browser, you will be directed to a download page at Macromedia. Click the "download" button in the first panel on this page to download the installer program. When downloading is complete, you must quit your web browser and run the installer. Then, the installer will automatically launch your browser again to complete installation.
  2. The Shockwave plugin will download the movie Pmatic.dcr The Xtra should display a small progress bar below the Shockwave logo.
  3. The Shockwave plugin will download the PrintOMatic Xtra if it is not already installed in Shockwave's Xtras folder. Many browsers will display a status message "Downloading Xtra Package File" in the status bar.
  4. If the Xtra is downloaded, you will be asked if you want to install the Xtra. If you don't click Install, the demo movie will not work properly.
  5. The demo movie will appear below, with the ability to print a number of documents right from your web browser.

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