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Tech Note: Fixing Blank Output in Windows

Products: PrintOMatic Xtra 1.6.5
Platforms: Windows (all versions)

The Problem

You are getting blank or garbled output when printing large-size true color images on black and white Windows printers. This often happens when printing the Stage. You can read details about this problem in our tech note Blank Output in Windows.


The drawStagePieces script attempts to make Stage printing work on balky printers by chopping up the Stage image into a number of smaller, more digestible pieces for printing. It is designed to be a direct replacement for drawStagePicture.

The default piece size is 128 x 128 pixels. Edit the code if you want to try other sizes.

You should be able to directly replace your calls to drawStagePicture with calls to drawStagePieces.


This script is a replacement for printStage. It utilizes the drawStagePieces script to print the Stage in one simple command, so be sure to put both scripts into your project.

You should be able to directly replace your calls to printStage with calls to printStageAsPieces.

Installation Instructions

Download these scripts from:


If your web browser doesn't just open the text directly, you may need to open the text file in a text editor. In either case, copy all the text, then paste the text into a Movie Script Cast Member in Director.

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