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The PrintOMatic MX Xtra

Authoring Tools: Adobe Director 11 and later
Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista and 7, Mac OS X (including "Lion")
Current Version: 1.8

Price: US $350 for a cross-platform serial number

The PrintOMatic Xtra is the premier printing tool for Adobe Director, Shockwave, and Authorware. PrintOMatic adds a full set of page-layout, text and graphics printing features to Director 11 and later, and Authorware projects on Macintosh and Windows.

PrintOMatic includes commands for accurately specifying the position of any text or graphic element on the page. PrintOMatic documents can contain graphic files from disk, styled text, graphic primitives, cast member bitmaps, and snapshots of the Director stage.

Product Features

  • Generates multi-page layouts with any combination of text, bitmapped or object-oriented graphics.
  • Styled text: any combination of available fonts, sizes, or styles
  • Print bitmapped graphics: any portion of the Director stage, Director castmembers or graphic files from disk.
  • Print object-oriented graphic primitives: lines, boxes, ovals and rounded rectangles.
  • Multiple "linked" text boxes can span multiple pages
  • A standard "Master Page" can contain any combination of text and graphic elements
  • Automatic page numbering
  • Customizable Print Progress dialog
  • Paper-saving Print Preview feature
  • Supports all Macintosh and Windows compatible printers
  • Supports color and landscape-mode printing


The complete PrintOMatic MX programmer’s documentation is available on-line. Click here to view the PrintOMatic MX documentation.


Download Now! Download PrintOMatic MX 1.8 (all platforms) (1455K .zip file)
Download Now! Download PrintOMatic MX 1.8 (Macintosh only) (1115K .zip file)
Download Now! Download PrintOMatic MX 1.8 (Windows only) (343K .zip file)

PrintOMatic Technical Notes

The following tech notes are specific to the PrintOMatic Xtra:

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